p r o j e c t s:
Watering/ Weeding
& Mulching

Volunteering Opportunities
Need Community
Service Hours?

FOMCW works to help those needing
community service hours.
Throughout the year there are many
volunteering opportunities from
working in our demonstration
gardens to helping out in our office.  

Please email
and let us know:

  • how many hours you
    need to complete and
    for what purpose
    (class requirement,
    court required, etc.)
  • special skills and
    abilities that we could
    benefit from
  • when your hours need
    to be completed by
  • hours of availability

We will reply typically within 24  
hours. If you haven't heard from us
then call Diane at 925.325.2908.

We are a small organization and
make every effort to help those
needing hours but need you to
understand that it is up to you to
make it happen. It is up to you to
track your hours and have us sign off
as you go.  

We look forward to working with you!
More community service projects coming
soon in April.  Please join out mail list for
updates on activities and community service
projects coming up.