2009 Salmon Monitoring Training Manual

Salmon Walks
Every late fall and early winter for the last few
years volunteers from Friends of Marsh Creek
Watershed have led public walks and conducted
monitoring to count the salmon that spawn up
Marsh Creek. Training will be held on a Saturday
in November 9 AM to 11 AM for those interested in
leading walks.
To participate email us!

Public Walks
Walks will be conducted on the following dates:
December 4
December 118
January 2
January 15
January 29
Expert guests will be attending on certain walks.
Please check back to this page to get updates on
who else might be attending.

Please RSVP so that we can have enough
volunteers to lead walks
RSVP to info@fomcw.org

Where to Go?
Directions to the Marsh Creek Bridge
on Delta Road

Please park along the side of the road. Area
next to the creek is private property- please be
The Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed (FOMCW) is a
community organization dedicated to the preservation and
restoration of the Marsh Creek Watershed.
"Creeks Create Community"

Fish Ladder Construction
Marsh Creek Drop Structure -Migrating salmon are unable to
proceed further up Marsh Creek because of this flood control
barrier (located between Sunset and Delta Roads).
Salmon Life Cycle
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2009 Salmon
Monitoring Training

Salmon Viewing in
Northern California

News Article:
Officials address
viability of salmon,
The species are dwindling in
Northern California. Here’s a plan
to bolster their populations.

Chinook salmon have lost more than 90% of their
historical range in California due to barriers.  This
project will restore access to approximately seven miles
of Marsh and Sand Creeks in eastern Contra Costa
County by constructing a fish ladder at the Marsh Creek
drop structure in Brentwood. This project will benefit
the Chinook salmon by providing access to seven miles
of stream including over two miles of excellent spawning
habitat A 2004 University of California study found that
this reach of Marsh Creek contains abundant and
suitably sized gravels for salmonid spawning. The
project will also indirectly benefit other species by
raising awareness of Marsh Creek.  All around
California, the annual return of the salmon is a
significant event worthy of festivals and media coverage.
These migrating salmon will present an excellent
opportunity to educate residents of the many ways that
their actions can benefit water quality, habitat, and
ecological health.  The East Bay Regional Park District
Marsh Creek trail runs alongside the drop structure and
the fish ladder will be in a highly trafficked and highly
visibly location, improving the opportunity for education.
This project enjoys strong support and approval of the
county flood control district, the City of Brentwood, the
Department of Water Resources, and it is the top
priority action of the Friends of Marsh Creek
Watershed.  Construction of the Marsh Creek Fish
Ladder is scheduled for 2010!
Spawning Salmon

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