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Participation and membership in this organization is
open to all individuals and organizations, including, but
not limited to, residents of the watershed, teachers,
students, government employees, and members of the
community at large who are interested in protecting and
improving Marsh Creek, its watershed, and the
community's natural resources, parks and open spaces
affiliated with the watershed.
To become a member an individual or organization must
fill out a membership application and pay dues.

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~Annual Dues~
Student  $15
Individual $30
Family   $45
Creek Friend $100
Creek Guardian $200

Creek Forever Friend  
(Lifetime Membership)  
The Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed (FOMCW) is a community
organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the
Marsh Creek Watershed.
"Creeks Create Community"

Coordinating Committee- Our Board
Brian Curran
Mr. Curran is the volunteer Chairperson of the Board and Chairperson of the Monitoring
Committee.  He is a founding member of the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed.  His
passionate interest in environmental issues has led him to become involved in several
watershed related activities.  He has been actively involved with the Contra Costa Clean
Water Volunteer Monitoring Program for the past 5 years. He has worked with the
California Regional Water Quality Control Board to develop a program for water quality
monitoring in Marsh Creek. Brian was awarded theEast Contra Costa County Citizen
Water Monitoring Volunteerof the year at the Watershed Forum consecutively in 2007
and 2011. He is also a member of the citizen’s advisory committee for the East Contra
Costa County Habitat Conservancy. His duties are spelled out in our bylaws and include
presiding over meetings of our coordinating committee and voting on board decisions.

John Alcorn
Mr. Alcorn is the volunteer Treasurer of the Board. John has been involved in
conservation activities throughout his life, being from a National Park Service family.  
John has a BS and MBA in Accounting from the University of California, Berkeley.  He
practiced as a CPA for a number of years before going into industry consulting
specializing in health care facilities, mostly nonprofit entities.  He joined the Friends of
Marsh Creek group shortly after moving to Brentwood in 2006, and has been involved in
many of their activities, particularly outreach to the public and the effort to incorporate the
group.  His duties are spelled out in our bylaws.

Joan Douglas-Fry
Ms. Douglas-Fry is the volunteer Chairperson of the Development Committee and Vice
Chair of the Board.  She is an early member of the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed,
and was introduced to FOMCW while serving as a Planning Commissioner for the City
of Brentwood.  As Chairperson of the Development Committee, she has helped FOMCW
connect with City and agency staff members and was highly involved in the development
and presentation of the Creek Workshop presented to the cities of Brentwood and
Oakley.  Ms. Douglas-Fry tracks new development projects located along the creeks in
the watershed area and assists the FOMCW with the public involvement process for
such projects.  She has over 14 years experience as a CEQA practitioner/environmental
planner working for private consultants in California, and served six years as the
Chapter Director of the California Association of Environmental Professionals-San
Francisco Bay Area Chapter.  Ms. Douglas-Fry is also a member of the American
Planning Association and the American Institute of Certified Planners.  Her duties are
spelled out in our bylaws.

Barry Margesson
Mr. Margesson is the volunteer Chairperson of the Planting Committee and Vice Chair of
the Board. He is a founding member of FOMCW. Barry is the Landscape and Facilities
Supervisor in the Park and Recreation Department of the city of Brentwood.  Mr.
Margesson serves on the advisory committee for the Liberty Union High School District
ROP Transition Landscaping and Planting Program. He helped establish the first
community gardens in the city of Brentwood. He is active in maintaining the FOMCW
native gardens and in the planning of creek cleanups.  His duties are spelled out in our

Cathy Case
Ms. Case is the volunteer  Chairperson of the Outreach Committee, and Vice Chair of
the Board. She believes in FOMCW’s mission and is concerned for the future of Marsh
Creek and the environment it comes in contact with.  An avid outdoorswoman, with 40
years of experience in the outdoors of California Fishing, Hunting, Camping and
Sightseeing, Cathy has observed and appreciated the Marsh Creek trail for over 10
years.  She has a genuine interest in the issues of her local creek. Ms. Case became
involved with the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed group over 3 years ago.  Ms. Case
believes in the power of volunteerism. Other organizations she supports or is involved
with include Golden West Women Flyfishers, California Trout and California Sportfishing
Protection Alliance.  Her duties are spelled out in our bylaws.

Fred Glaser
Mr. Glaser is a retired elementary school teacher and has been involved with Friends of
Marsh Creek Watershed since the beginning.  He enjoys volunteering with the Contra
Costa County Water Monitoring program. As a student he minored in biological
sciences. While teaching he was active in the Pittsburg Education Association. One of
the duties he performed was Vice President of the Association. He has lived in Antioch
for the last 40 years, and has watched, with interest, the development of the land in the
area. He enjoys the various area open spaces and parks and was particularly happy
that  Black Diamond Regional Park opened up a few years back. Mr. Glaser spent some
time on the Delta working in the Coast Guard Reserve. Mr. Glaser sees a need for
improving our environment and making it better for future generations. He enjoys
spending his time fly fishing, backpacking, and hiking. He belongs to Diablo Valley Fly
Fishermen, Mt. Diablo Audubon Society, and the Sierra Club. His duties as a FOMCW
board member are spelled out in our bylaws.

Holly Hartman
Ms. Hartman is a volunteer Board Member. Holly has a strong desire to preserve and
understand the past to enhance the future for the region.  She was one of the early
members of the FOMCW group. With a BS from the University of Southern California
Holly has been a teacher for 23 years. She currently teaches third grade with a
curriculum that covers local history and natural resources.  Ms. Hartman has served on
the Liberty Union High School District Governing Board since 1991 and is currently
serving her 5th term. Holly is the past president of the Friends of Brentwood Library and
Brentwood Women's Club as well as a volunteer for the Brentwood Cornfest. Her duties
are spelled out in our bylaws

Pat Sotelo
Mr. Sotelo is a volunteer Board Member. Pat Sotelo has been a park ranger for twenty
years with the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District. In that time he has
participated in numerous natural resource restoration projects, including construction
and monitoring of ponds for California tiger salamanders and red-legged frogs, as well
as the removal and control of non-native plants and wildlife in the Arroyo Del Valle and
its tributaries. For the last several years he has led watershed and stream ecology
programs (in-class and in-stream) for students in the Livermore, Pleasanton, and
Dublin school districts. He is a founding member of the FOMCW and has participated in
the Contra Costa County Stream Monitoring program, Dutch Slough Wetland
Restoration Project programs and activities, and watershed presentations for the city
councils and planning commissions of the cities of Oakley and Brentwood.

Claudia Gemberling
Ms. Gemberling has lived in Brentwood since 1998 and has been a member of Friends
of Marsh Creek Watershed group since 2010. Ms. Gemberling works for the Contra
Costa County Public Works Department as an Environmental Analyst. Her position
entails working with natural resource agencies to ensure that County infrastructure
projects minimize impacts to the natural environment and the wildlife species it
supports. Ms. Gemberling was introduced to the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed
Group when she participated in Antioch's Prewett Ranch Burrowing Owl project. Being a
member of Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed provides Ms. Gemberling opportunities
to support and participate in activities that help to protect Marsh Creek Watershed's
natural resources and be involved with the local community. Ms. Gemberling is currently
leading the fundraising committee to help raise funds so Friends of Marsh Creek
Watershed can continue its worthwhile efforts.Her duties as a FOMCW
board member are spelled out in our bylaws.

Jane Broderson
Ms. Broderson is a Las Positas College Biology student, officer of the LPC biology club
and has been a member of Friends of Marsh Creek for over 2 years.   She has helped
FOMCW with fundraising actives, Burrowing Owl and fish count projects, participated in
Contra Costa SWAMP and BMI creek monitoring and volunteered with East Bay Regional
Parks.  She grew up around the extensive ecological corridors in Pleasanton and has
developed a passion for water quality, aquatic parasitology, ethnobotany and
herpetology. She has been observing California Tiger Salamanders since the early
1990’s and is an avid 4 season backpacker, rock climber, and bee keeper.  She loves
Alameda and Contra Costa County for its rich cultural history and biological diversity and
believes that outreach programs like Friends of Marsh Creek are essential to our
watershed and future generations.  Her duties as a FOMCW
board member are spelled out in our bylaws.
Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed
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